Build A Proactive Data Lifecycle

Data governance for HIPAA & HITRUST organizations

What We Do


Cloud Data Migrations

We will focus on avoiding your next license renewal of on-premise database technologies like Oracle and Teradata by rapidly migrating your infrastructure to scalable, usage-based billing in the cloud.

AWS RDS PostgreSQL and MySQL, or Azure SQL Managed Instance and Azure MySQL Database are recommended for always-on workloads in the cloud.

For analytic workloads, Snowflake is our first choice for true elastic performance and usage-based billing, but for batch operations AWS Athena+Glue or Azure Data Factory+Data Catalog on top of an object-store based data lake backed by S3 or ADLS2 can be a huge first step.


Your firewall is not the answer to the challenges of managing a secure data lifecycle in HIPAA/HITRUST, GDPR or CCPA environments. Using a systemic approach with clearly defined milestones we can help you close the gap, establish a certified de-identified data set (CDDS) and enforce auditable role-based access controls to PHI and PII.

Vendors like Alation and Informatica offer sophisticated data catalogs but there’s no “easy button” for a proactive approach to data governance where privacy is the default setting.

Your data is the most strategic and durable asset you own, it deserves user-centric, full lifecycle protection.


From a Jira or Rally tune-up, to mentoring your team’s journey to continuous delivery in Azure DevOps, our technically-minded agile coaches will pave the way toward your data-driven future.

Successfully moving from a production support mentality to “DataOps” requires more than a training class. Software tools must be upgraded, and business stakeholders must be willing to change process in order to simplify and accelerate time-to-delivery.

The technical challenges can easily be met, but the social complexity of this type of work can make an outside voice invaluable.

By The Numbers

Ways Organizations are Using Data


To Drive Process


To Drive Strategy


To Monitor Performance


To Manage Risk

Source: Forbes, 2018

Why Work With Pipeline?

Our consulting hours are always pegged to milestones in the Statement Of Work. No more paying for a full-time consultant while waiting for IT to setup her account. We don’t bill unless business value is delivered.

What Can You Do?

  • Develop a prototype
  • Gain outside expertise
  • Keep a project moving between hires
  • Jump-start your Agile journey
  • Reinforce a team
  • On-demand data modeling with ERWin, ER/Studio, SQLDBM, Oracle SQL Developer, TOAD

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Data Warehouse Consulting

Saving you money one cluster at a time.

Snowflake, Redshift, Synapse,
change-data-capture (CDC)

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Data Lifecycle Management

Full data lifecycle planning.

AWS S3, Glue & DMS; Azure DLG2, Azure Data Flow, SSIS, Informatica

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Agile DataOps Enablement

Socially complex data projects, solved.

Jira, Rally, Azure DevOps, Office 365, PowerBI, Tableau, Looker

Our Wheelhouse

  • Cloud data warehouse POC and pilots with Snowflake, Redshift (and coming soon Azure Synapse!)
  • Establishing enterprise Data Quality or Data Governance practices
  • Oracle and Teradata cloud migrations (and coming soon SQL Server!)
  • Jira, Azure DevOps or Rally data-driven portfolio management for Agile data teams
  • SAFe and DAD scaled agile consulting for small-to-medium size organizations
  • ETL / ELT orchestration with Airflow and Data Build Tool (dbt)
  • Establishing secure, governed Azure and AWS data lakes
  • Rock solid change-data-capture pipelines from MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server to warehouse with AWS DMS, Matillion or Fivetran

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